Air Freight

Inbound and outbound, consolidated or charter, an IAC that meets your needs.



Air cargo is an ever changing and evolving market.  Capacity, security, availability and routings all factor in how cargo can and should best be moved.

Enter Overton & Co. Air Services.  We are TSA-certified Indirect Air Carriers who are authorized to tender cargo to airlines.  We are members of IATA, giving us direct access to global carriers and the relationships to procure space from a few kilos for a box to an entire plane for a production company.

Overton offers inbound air freight consolidations

We have developed our own network of partners who together ship more than fifteen tons of consolidated air cargo to New York monthly. Upon arrival our consolidations are transferred to Overton’s CFS. From there, we distribute it worldwide. We have regularly scheduled consolidations from key cities and countries throughout Europe, as well as India and the major Asian cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

We understand how to document, pack and load air cargo.  Let Overton quote your air cargo needs today.