His career began with Overton in 1971 and his experience in the brokerage business has touched every aspect of importing, from bulk oil tanker shipments to small diamond packages. He has dealt extensively with many of the various partner government agencies over the years, such as the Food and Drug administration, Fish and Wildlife Dept, BATF, and many, many more. Read More

Howard is the President of Overton and Company. He began his career in the industry in 1980 and joined Overton in 2001. Howard has had his Customs broker license since 1991 and his knowledge includes all aspects of Customs brokerage, domestic and international logistics and transportation. Read More

A member of the Overton team since 1984, Robert handles a diverse collection of our high-volume, heavily-regulated product lines. Versed in jewelry, precious stones, antiques, perfume and cosmetic packaging parts, Robert also does most of our Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) work as well. Read More

John has over thirty years experience in the Customs brokerage industry. Although John has extensive industry-wide knowledge, he has dedicated his efforts primarily to the wine and spirits industry. As Overton’s Wine & Spirits manager, he handles several customers who are household names for most consumers. Read More