Customs Brokerage

Passengers, spirits, textiles, chemicals, movie sets and more.

Overton & Co. was established in 1839, long before there were the 17,000+ tariff numbers in today’s Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

With the advances in manufacturing, agriculture, business and technology, we’ve learned and grown with these products, serving us well today as recognized industry leaders in many key areas.

Remote location filing technology allows us to clear cargo for our customers anywhere in the United States. Overton uses state of the art technology offering speed, flexibility and information sharing among supply chain partners.  We are looking forward to next chapter in Customs entry processing in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), the new filing requirement coming in November, 2015.

Overton & Co Customs Tariff 1842

As certified and validated members of Customs’ CTPAT Program, we are a key part of an importer’s end-to-end secure supply chain.