Sea Freight

Container, bulk, Ro/Ro or project, Overton has the partners to move just about everything.

Dealing with ocean carriers of all stripes requires persistence and an understanding of how they operate and negotiate.  At Overton, our years in business have given us the opportunity to identify and partner with the right NVOCC’s operating to and from all corners of the globe. We match the service, the shipment needs and the destination requirements and select the right NVOCC to handle our clients’ cargo.

Fast forward to today, when cargo is containerized, bulk, Ro/Ro, geared ships or barges.  Regardless of the type of vessel, Overton understands and respects that:

  • Cargo must move as booked.

  • Documents must be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the shipping, receiving and transshipment countries.

  • Security or export control filings must be submitted in a timely and correct fashion, detailing and declaring the contents of the cargo as needed.

  • Goods can and must be protected and insured while in transit through to their safe delivery at destination.

At Overton, we will not work with a vendor who provides ocean freight services that does not meet the needs of our clients.

ISF Filing Capabilities

All ocean cargo bound for the United States requires an Importer Security Filing (ISF) to be transmitted prior to the cargo’s departure from the overseas port. Overton files more than 10,000 ISF’s per year on behalf of our clients. We understand that when the penalty for not filing is $5,000 per occurrence, plus the chance for your cargo to be denied unloading or entry. Trust Overton to file your ISF correctly and timely.